HALO PLUS (TM) Ceramic Brackets

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HALO PLUS (TM) Ceramic Brackets

White Oak's HALO PLUS (TM) Clear Ceramic Bracket is ideal for the aesthetically- minded patient. The HALO PLUS (TM) bracket is constructed of 99.9 percent pure polycrystalline alumina oxide which produces not only uncompromising strength but a nearly invisible, glare free bracket.

The HALO PLUS (TM) bracket system offers 45 percent less friction as compared to typical Sapphire brackets (Ormco ICE tm) for faster teeth movement and shorter treatment time

The HALO PLUS (TM) bracket is injection molded, allowing for a smooth and small profile bracket. That being said, there are nice undercuts to the tie wings facilitating easy ligation.

De-bonds like metal using our “Wrench” debonding instrument in combination with our advanced Triple X Base.

This is the best ceramic bracket on the orthodontic market.