To Our Customers,

Thank you for visiting us here at White Oak.

We started White Oak because we wanted to tackle glaring unmet needs in the orthodontic supply marketplace. Specifically, we have observed that orthodontists are underserviced, product innovation in the industry has slowed, and quality orthodontic supplies are overpriced.

At White Oak we are addressing these issues starts with superior product selection. We have spent the last year comparing and evaluating the products offered by leading orthodontic supply manufacturers globally. Rather than stocking a single line, we have chosen the best products across multiple vendors and have upgraded them with innovative proprietary packaging designed to increase efficiency in the office setting.

In addition to supplying industry leading products, we offer superior service to both orthodontists and their staffs. First, we understand that the orthodontic supply business is built on trust and strong personal relationships. If you have a problem or concern, we will solve it. Period. We are always available through email or by phone. In a pinch, you can always call our cell phones. We are here to help your business thrive.  

We are also taking the orthodontic supply business into the modern era with White Oak's easy-to-use website. Online ordering is a snap. Reordering is even easier. Everything on this website is geared towards your convenience. Once you register as a customer, you will receive a personalized log-in page containing your order history, bracket and band prescriptions, as well as applicable discount level.

Speaking of discounts, we think it is only fair to reward our loyal customers for doing business with us. Please read about our Volume Discount program and Founders program for more details about how we can lower your supply costs.

We hope this short introduction speaks to the passion we have for this business. For more information of the leadership team here at White Oak please take a look at the biographies we have included below.


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Patrick Heslop

Chief Executive Officer

Cell: 717-224-8532

Dr. Jim Heslop

Board Certified Orthodontist & CFO

Cell: 717-940-0098

Two Histories, One Path Together

Dr. James Heslop, a three degree graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, is a board certified Orthodontist who owned and operated his private practice in Lancaster, Pennsylvania for over 30 years. During that time, Jim grew his patient base substantially by expanding from one to three offices. In addition to his clinical work, Jim served as the President of the Middle Atlantic Society of Orthodontists (MASO) and the Pennsylvania Association of Orthodontists (PAO). Most recently, Jim served as a delegate to the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO).

Patrick Heslop graduated from Penn State University with a degree in business management. Most recently, Patrick was a top sales representative for a major orthodontic supply company for six years. As a sales representative, Patrick saw that an increasing number of orthodontists were dissatisfied with the price, quality, and service levels provided by the big orthodontic supply companies. Patrick knew there was a better way. Jim, having been in practice for over 30 years was eager for a change into the supply side of the business.

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